The Advantages of Booking Airport Transfers

Getting to the Airport

The world is getting smaller and smaller. More and more people are travelling greater distances than ever before for both business and pleasure. With so many people in the world travelling airport shuttle companies and airport transportation companies are becoming very popular. These companies insure that you get to the airport on time and arrive at your destination safely. If you have a trip planned, you do not need to be late getting to the airport, or get lost on the way to your destination. Book your airport transfers in advance to avoid the following inconveniences.

If you arrive at the airport late for your flight, you typically wind up spending much more. Airlines might re-book you for free if you’re late by means of no-fault of your own, however, if you’re late because of your own behavior, you will probably pay a hefty re-booking fee to get to your location. This may change the whole dynamic of your trip.
If you have to buy a new ticket, an airline may give you a partial refund, but this really is after huge deductions that may leave you with merely a portion of what you paid for your ticket. If you are travelling with a non-refundable ticket, which is usually the case with promotional flights and sales, you will not be offered any refund.

One more consequence of being late for your flight is being late for whatever you have planned at your destination. Business travelers might miss meetings or important parts of a conference. Missed possibilities normally mean lost money. If you are travelling as a tourist you take the risk of being late for tours, as well as losing the money paid to book them, or perhaps missing your reservation at a resort or restaurant.

By arranging airport transfers this ensures that this would not take place. You should always book your airport transfers in advance. This is something your travel agent should always suggest and can do for you. Airport transfers as well as airport transportation companies typically ensure they shall be on time – which, as a result, you’ll be on time also.

Booking airport transfers as well as paying for airport transportation in advance may seem like an extravagance, but it is really very practical. Some other advantages of booking roundtrip transfers in advance is the fact that you do not have to haggle with taxi drivers who may not speak your language. You may not have the local currency to pay for the cab upon your arrival. You may not know where you are going and you may end up spending more money trying to get to your destination. Having airport transfers will also ensure you arrive safely to your destination.

By booking transfers in advance you will not arrive late to the airport and end up missing your flight. So in order to relax and get more out of your business trip or vacation, remember to always book your airport transfers in advance.

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The 10 Worst Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Travel Mistakes

I thought this would be interesting – have you thought about the 10 worst travel mistakes to avoid? Even experienced travellers make these mistakes.  They may seem obvious at first, but knowing about them will hopefully help you avoid learning from painful first hand experience.

  • Forgetting your passport – or not having at least 6 months validity left.  This has happened to more of us than care to admit it.
  • Checking baggage. Most experienced travellers will only have carryon luggage – if at all possible.
  • Getting annoyed with airport security.  Unfortunately they hold all the power and occasionally you’ll encounter someone who abuses it.  Getting frustrated or angry won’t help get you through to your gate any faster – in fact, you can end up missing your flight.  Under no circumstances mention the word bomb anywhere in the airport.
  • Not checking stopover duration. Getting stuck in an airport for 8 hours isn’t much fun and will have you wishing you’d spent the extra few hundred dollars to fly direct. This is where your travel agent can assist.
  • Drinking too much alcohol on the flight. Airplanes already dehydrate you – drinking will make that worse, stop you from sleeping properly and leave you more susceptible to catching a bug.
  • Leaving your iPad / phone / wallet in the seat pocket in front of you.
  • Missing a meeting because you overslept because of jet lag.  Check your alarm clock – know what it sounds like and then put it out of reach so you can’t simply turn it off. Also ask for a wake up call as a backup.
  • Missing flights because you misjudged traffic conditions.  Ask your hotel concierge about peak traffic hours and if anything special is going on in town.  A marathon can cut a city in half – leading to delays of over an hour.
  • Forgetting your reading glasses.
  • Religiously sticking to one airline or network to maximise points/miles. The reality is they are often difficult to redeem and expire quickly yet many road warriors go out of their way to fly on an airline, even when it’s more expensive, takes longer and is less convenient.

Here are a couple of bonus tips:

  1. Not having adequate insurance coverage. You should consider medical, car, flight and belongings. Your travel agent can arrange your insurance also.
  2. Not having an online backup of all your files in case your laptop gets lost or stolen

Have we missed any of your top 10 mistakes to avoid? If so, please send them to me. I would like to know.

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