Cruise to Cuba

Why Cruise with Colesville Travel to Cuba?

Cruise for 7 nights and visit 3 cities in Cuba – Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba

Relax and enjoy the cruise while travelling to the next city

Economical – all shore excursions are included in one low price

Cuban Woman in Colorful Dress in Front of Yellow Wall

Cuban woman in colourful dress

Immerse Yourself

Fathom is proud to be the first cruise ship company to be granted U.S. approval for round-trip travel between the U.S. and multiple destinations in Cuba, including Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba. If you’re serious in your desire to immerse yourself in another culture, this is your invitation to join us. Fathom’s immersive cultural experience can connect you directly to the stories of the Cuban people and create new new bonds between Cuban people and U.S. travelers. Fathom makes it easy for you to travel to Cuba and have the experience of a lifetime.

This is the real Cuba, up close and personal.

This is the real Cuba, up close and personal. The one that, until now, you’ve only seen in photographs. Join us on the Adonia for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Cuba first-hand — from the minute you step on board your ship. Cuban movies, Cuban music, Cuban cuisine – they’ll all be part of your outbound voyage, as you learn more about the remarkable people you’re about to meet.

Travel in Style To Cuba’s Most Historic Cities

The Adonia will visit three historic ports on your journey: Havana, the country’s capital, the historic towns of Cienfuegos, and Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba. And you’ll get there in style at a value other operators can’t beat. What’s included in your cruise fare? Just about everything. Meals. Daytime excursions and activities. A comfortable cabin. All the amenities of a modern hotel plus the luxury of being able to unpack once. Come with us on a pioneering travel experience; enjoy the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and the rhythms of everyday life and meet the Cuban people, one on one.

Contact information:

Cynthia Amin-Hall
Colesville Travel
P.O. Box 4844
Silver Spring, MD 20914

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