Do You Need Some Packing Tips?

Do You Need Some Packing Tips?

Are you a packing procrastinator? Is your goal to fit everything in the carry-on, but you always wind up checking your bag? We’ve compiled some handy tips that may help you save some time, space, and frustration during your travels.

Split up your Valuables

Don’t put everything you’re bringing of great value in one spot. Make sure to divvy up your prized possessions in the event that a bag gets lost or stolen. That way, you won’t be completely wiped out of all identification and money at the same time. Another great thing to do BEFORE you leave, is to make copies of your credit cards and passport. Leave it with a family member or friend back home for reference in case you lose them.


DON’T put all of your valuables in one spot!

Check the Weather

Are you traveling internationally? Are you visiting a destination with opposite seasons? Don’t always assume that the climate you’re about to enter will be similar to the one you left. This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of times we’re rushed. And if you wait to pull up that weather app when you’re already en route to the airport…well, you’re too late!

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be handy for several reasons – so make sure to stuff a few in the corners of your suitcase (you’ll thank us later). These guys are great for packing liquids in case of spills, they are the perfect solution for separating your dirty and clean laundry, and have you ever had to leave a hotel with a wet bathing suit? Throw damp items in a plastic bag before you put it in the suitcase and you’re all set with no mess.

Travel Size Toiletries

Pharmacies and convenience stores have dedicated sections for travel size items. You can get most anything you’ll need in a smaller and compact package. And if you don’t like repurchasing products you already have plenty of at home, you can always get reusable bottles to fill with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.


Travel size, small containers, & plastic bags!

Wear your Heaviest Items

This tip is very helpful when you’re visiting a colder climate. Our suitcases become a lot heavier when it’s chilly simply because we need warmer clothes, shoes, and jackets. On the day you’re set to travel, wear that big sweater and coat with your boots. And make sure you layer up so you can easily remove or add on as needed while traveling.

Rolling your Clothes

Backpackers swear by this method. Rolling works well with pants, skirts, t-shirts, and tanks. Lay the item face down, fold back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up. It’s also a great way to add cushion to fragile items. You can roll it up within your clothes to keep them safe and save space. So, go ahead and roll away!

Rolling method saves space!

Leave Room for Souvenirs

Well, you don’t have to, but it’d be nice 😉 Did you promise someone back home that you’d bring them back a souvenir from you trip? Many times, people pack their suitcases to the brim before departing. Unfortunately, this leaves little to absolutely no room for purchases while you’re traveling. We recommend packing a small empty backpack or duffle bag within your main suitcase before you leave. Then you’ll have a separate bag and plenty of room to fill on the way home.

Did you have some more handy tips to share with our travel community? Let’s hear them! Add a comment and tell us how you pack.

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