Do You Know How to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable?

Here are some accessories for both men and women travelers that can help you arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed.

Eye Mask – These little items store easily in your day pack and can be life savers. Use them to shut out the light on a plane so you can arrive refreshed or wear them to bed to cut down on the sunshine that inevitably flows into your hotel room window after a late night out.

Noise Canceling Headphones – While many of these can be on the bulky side, if you have the room (and the dough), they’ll cut out white noise on a plane and provide you with clear sound if you’re listening to your iPod, DVD player, or the in-flight movie.

Guide Book – Never leave home without a good guide book to your destination. Make sure you’ve pick up the most recent edition as they are generally only updated every two years.

Travel Blanket – Few airlines offer blankets on flights now. And those that do? Well, let’s just say that not all blankets actually get washed between flights. Yuck. Bring your own. They’re cheap and will keep you cozy when they decide to crank up the air on a flight or when the heat isn’t working properly on that next train ride through Europe. Also some airlines have begun to charge for blankets.

Travel Pillow – I find it really easy to sleep on planes, trains, in cars, buses, and, pretty much anywhere (even movies). I use the “getting there” time to unwind and completely relax so that I can be ready to go once I’ve arrived in anew city. A travel pillow is a must to be successful at sleeping well. Pick up either a Bucky pillow filled with buckwheat that conforms to your neck and head or an inflatable pillow which is easier to pack but more difficult to keep firm.

Here are five additional essential tips to help you travel smart! Avoid those hefty luggage fees and weigh in before check-in with the On Your Weigh Luggage Scale. Keep your things safe with the Search Alert TSA luggage locks. Remain fresh in transit with convenient Paper Soaps. Restore your health after long distance travel with JetPax Jet Lag Relief. And stay dry in an unexpected rain shower with a classic pocket Knirps Umbrella.

Are you interested in getting additional travel tips or interested in travelling? Please contact Colesville Travel at 301-989-1654.

Cynthia Amin Hall
Colesville Travel
Phone: 301-989-1654

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