Cruise Vacations – Amazing Experiences At Sea

Cruise Vacations – Amazing Experiences At Sea
Cruise vacations are a popular vacation choice. It is estimated that 18.4 million passengers took a cruise vacation in 2010. When we think of cruises, most of us think about luxury cruises in exotic locations like the Caribbean or Alaska. Cruises are fun! On a cruise, there is plenty to eat and drink, and there is always something to do. There are lots of people to meet and new sights to see every day. The most complicated decision you face is what cocktail to have before dinner. Taking a cruise simplifies things. There is food all day long, entertainment all day long and most of the time you will visit a different port everyday. Cruising is a lifestyle… and a amazing lifestyle when you think about it.

Who Goes On Cruise Vacations? There are all kinds of cruises available and all kinds of people go on cruises. There is no typical cruise passenger. Cruising appeals to wide range of people so there is usually a good mix of people on board – different age groups, families, couples and singles. However, some cruise companies aim their cruises towards a special group of travelers, e.g. there are single cruises, family cruises, couples cruises and gay cruises, to name a few. There are also many theme cruises like Jazz cruises and 50’s cruises. Family cruises are getting increasingly popular and families have many options. Disney Cruise Lines is a good option for families and so are many Carnival Cruises. Cruises are not for everyone, but most people do enjoy their cruising experience and an amazingly high proportion of cruise passengers repeat the experience. The sociable atmosphere and sense of occasion lures them back again… and again.

Where Can You Go On a Cruise Line Vacations? You can go on a cruise anywhere you want, cruise lines sail all the oceans of the world. You can visit exotic warm islands in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. You can visit cultural and historical sites in the Mediterranean. You can go on wildlife adventures in Galapagos or Madagascar. You can dress warmly and head north to see the aurora borealis (the northern lights). Cruises to Alaska are getting increasingly popular as Alaska offers something entirely different. The nature is breathtaking and the wildlife abundant… there are few as unspoiled places left in our world. Royal Caribbean also offer pre and post land packages to Alaska. This will give you the opportunity to visit the Denali wilderness. The world is your oyster… you can even cruise around the world!

Are Cruises Really For Everyone? Many types of people go on cruise vacations and almost everyone should be able to find something that fits their interests, budget and schedule. In future blogs, I will write about practical cruise travel tips for first time cruisers and seasoned cruisers. I will cover what to do if you become sea sick, cruise tipping guidelines, safety on board, how much luggage you should take, what you should wear, and to how to pack for a cruise. I will also cover cruise travel insurance. Having no, or inadequate, travel insurance could have devastating financial impact for you and your family. We also offer advice on where to go on your cruise and what to look out for when booking a cruise. Choosing the right cruise does not have to cost you a fortune, there are many discount cruises and offers available. You can usually get good discount cruises if you book early and your travel plans are flexible. If you have cruised before, you know that cruise vacations offer amazing experiences at sea. You will be visiting new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people… even making friends for life. Colesville Travel can help you choose the perfect cruise.

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