How to Have a Romantic Honeymoon Even If You Are on a Budget

Since money is a big factor for many couples, planning a budget honeymoons is a must!Flexibility and creativity is the key to an inexpensive and romantic honeymoon.  Don’t return from your honeymoon with thousands of dollars in debt, think “inexpensive” and plan ahead! Here is a list of ideas and tips that can help you save some money.

Plan for the Honeymoon – When you make your initial wedding budget calculations, set aside an amount for the honeymoon. This way you will have a trip fund and the possibility of taking a honeymoon will seem real, rather than a fantasy. You do not have to allow for the entire cost, but once the fund is set up, you can treat it as a bill and your fund will grow.

Stay in the United States – It is difficult to plan a trip overseas without incurring substantial expense. The airfare alone will put a healthy dent in your finances. The U.S. has many places of natural beauty and man-made excitement. If you set your mind on finding a destination within the continental U.S., you will have a better chance of staying within your budget.

Travel in the Off-Season – If your mind is set on a certain destination, find out when they have their off-season. Some hotels offer significantly lower prices during the off-season. The off-season usually is a time when the weather isn’t at its best, but this can mean hotter than normal weather for some locations, or rainy season in others. Read about the pros & cons of off-season travel and look up your destination’s off-season months.

Honeymoon Registry Gifts – Ask for your honeymoon as a wedding present or build a honeymoon registry, where the expense can be divided among many guests, instead of one family member. Pass the word to your guests that your honeymoon registry is your gift preference. Registry information is best passed through family and the bridal party, and if guests find out that you need a little help in that area, they will usually be happy to purchase a gift they know you will enjoy. Be sure to get ideas on how to make your registry user friendly and entice your guests to purchase from it.

Look for Specials – Many resorts are trying to make it easier for couples to plan a destination wedding. Look for specials on rooms, airfare, wedding packages or anything else you need. Keep in mind that certain items you may expect to be inexpensive at the location may actually be more expensive; so be open to options and suggestions from the locals. Discount honeymoons are a great possibility, especially if you are flexible with your destination. Also, look for new hotels or resorts, which will be in superb condition but might not have the advertising to be fully booked. You can often find great deals from hotels that have opened within a year.

Last Minute Honeymoons – You can find many great, discounted vacations at the last minute. If you don’t mind planning your honeymoon in a rush and you won’t feel disappointed if you don’t get a specific destination, this is a great idea. Contact your travel agent for last minute deals. Cruises often have great last minute deals, especially if you live near a cruise line port and do not have to purchase airfare.

All-Inclusive Resorts – Many couples spend well over their budget because of unexpected expenses or cost of food and drinks once they arrive to their hotel. This can bring a lot of unneeded stress to your honeymoon. One way to prevent this overspending is to choose an all-inclusive that truly includes everything from all meals, water, alcohol, non-motorized sports and sometimes excursions. Some all-inclusives are expensive, but there are many resorts that are reasonable, especially in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Bed and Breakfast Romance – Stay away from those 5-star luxury resorts and opt for a romantic, secluded B&B for less than half the price and breakfast included. These are often well kept and have unique room interiors, as opposed to large, monotone hotel rooms. This is also a great way to travel through Europe. It will make you feel like you are one of the locals.

Cruise Specials – Affordable cruise packages are available, especially if you do not mind a smaller room or an inside cabin. If you like to spend a lot of time in your room, try to get a suite, which can still be fairly affordable on a few lines. Cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean are known for their party or family atmospheres, as well as their low rates and specials. However, the crowds and children can be annoying at times. Yet, if you are on a budget, consider one of these cruise lines for an inexpensive honeymoon cruise.

Colesville Travel can help you select the perfect destination wedding or honeymoon to fit your needs and budget.  Call our offices for a no-obligation quote or complete this quick form.  One of our specialist will get back to you within 48 hours.


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